Smokey Bear – The Sign for Wildfire Prevention

Popularly known as Smokey THE Bear, Smokey Bear is the almost universally recognized symbol promoting forest safety in America. Launched in 1944, the Smokey Bear wildfire prevention campaign is the longest-running public service announcement in US history. While the words have changed over the years – from “Care will prevent nine out of ten forest fires” originally to “Only you can prevent wildfires” today – the earnest image of ever-vigilant Smokey remains constant. The combined message and image have had an ongoing impact on the American public, reminding everyone at a personal level of their obligation to preserve and protect the American wilderness. This message has become increasingly vital as more Americans explore the great outdoors. 

Smokey Bear Sign Spreads the Message 

The staying power of this wildfire warrior is on full display with the large Smokey Bear slogan sign. Featuring Smokey’s face and slogan, the sign perfectly reinforces the responsibility each American has to help prevent wildfires. Excellent as a standalone message on buildings, park entrances, outdoor recreation areas, or as a retro display item in your home or man cave, the sign is available in four different graphic messages. The four-color high resolution images are printed on heavy duty rustproof aluminum with a clear ultra-violet-protective coating. Fabricated to 16”x44”, each sign has radius corners and four mounting holes. 

Continuing a Fire-fighting Legacy 

Ad Council research reveals that 80% of outdoor enthusiasts recognize Smokey Bear’s image. With this significant level of brand strength, Smokey Bear has earned a prominent place in the minds (and hearts) of Americans young and old when it comes to protecting forests. The signs strongly reinforce this legacy. Whether people call it the Smokey the Bear sign or the Smokey Bear sign, they know and appreciate the image and message supported by these attractive signs. 

It’s Smokey Bear, not Smokey the Bear, an iconic wildfire prevention sign.