Property Marking (Survey and Boundary Markers)

The posting of private or public properties can display ownership, indicate property boundaries, and fulfill legal obligation for notification.

Property marking is critical in different settings – from nature preserves to private land. Surveys are needed to help define the boundaries. You can’t always rely on landscaping or fences to serve as accurate markers (especially if they’re removed). You may even find that a fence wasn’t installed on the right property in the first place. Nutron OSM offers a variety of survey, wetland and other boundary markers.

Setting boundaries is a critical step in property management. Real estate holders and managers, whether private investors, public agencies, businesses, associations, organizations, co-ops, or others, need effective ways to establish the length and breadth of their holdings. Nutron OSM offers landholders and land managers a variety of property marking systems that provide effective ways to set boundaries.  

Boundary markers. Our boundary markers are available in 3 different sizes and can be custom-printed with the landholder’s message, logo, and other information. Nutron OSM’s graphics design department can provide image and artistic support if customers require it. The signs feature screen printing on an enameled aluminum backing to ensure superior durability in any outdoor environment.  

Heavy-duty boundary markers. These robust markers provide extra resistance to wear and tear. Like our standard boundary markers, they can be screen-printed with a customer’s unique warning and message on extra-tough, enamel-baked aluminum backings. Available in both large and small sizes, all feature mounting holes.  

Survey and location markers. Often used by surveyors to precisely lay out a property’s boundary lines; these markers attach to posts and trees. Made of enameled aluminum that’s oven-baked for toughness, the markers are die-cut and feature two holes and two slots to accommodate tree growth. The screen-printed markings feature specific places to collect data to locate the marker (and the boundary) exactly. 

Wetland and preserve boundary markers. Available in seven different styles, these markers clearly delineate the boundaries of a wetland or preserve. With messages screen-printed on baked enamel aluminum backings, the signs are designed to last in any weather.