Reflective & Retroreflective Markers

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Priced per pack of 100

EGR Reflective (orange/red)
1 pack of 100 @ $245
3 packs @ $226/pk
5 packs @ $198/pk
HIP Retroreflective (orange/red)
1 pack of 100 @ $295
3 packs @ $274/pk
5 packs @ $248/pk

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  • .03 aluminum
  • 4” x 4”
  • Engineer grade reflective or 3M HIP grade reflective
  • Precision die cut
  • (2) .125” mounting holes
  • 4 radius corners

Part numbers:
EGR Reflective red – RM44R
EGR Reflective orange – RM44O
HIP Retroreflective red – RRM44R
HIP Retroreflective orange – RRM44O

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Our High Intensity Prismatic retroreflective material is unlike your commonly known reflective or shiny materials. Think of mirrors

With the usual reflective surface light bounces away from the light source. In contrast, with retroreflective materials lighted bounces back to the original light source. The focused light makes the reflector appear more intense and focused. It’s an exceptional way to best to mark trails to guide hikers, ATVs, snowmobiles and more. They can be installed to show the way or to label obstacles and obstructions.

The markers have the added benefit of The RLL (Reflective Light Locator) installed at each edge light provides daytime and nighttime visual marking. During daylight, the tall locator helps ground equipment operators avoid hitting the lights. At twilight and at night, the retroreflective material lights up in the headlights of vehicles and aircraft. During snow plowing operations, plow operators can locate the lights to avoid hitting them and maintenance personnel can find them to clear them.

The RLL is a useful marker for a variety of objects which may be color-coded to aid identification to help distinguish them.