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Rigid Sign
2 @ $47 each
10 @ $33 each
20 @ $28 each
2 @ $45 each
10 @ $32.5 each
20 @ $27.50 each
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  • .060 x 12” x 12” – rigid sign
  • .030 x 12” x 12” – magnetic
  • 4’ x 3’ – banner with grommets

Part numbers:
rigid sign – RFWSIGN
magnetic – RFWMAGVH
banner with grommets – RFWBANNER


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Forests and grassland cover more than half of the land area in the United States and are important resources for many reasons.

To halt the increasing frequency and devastation of wildfires, it’s imperative to make area populations aware during periods of extreme fire danger. And that’s increasing in frequency. While wildfires have always occurred naturally, they are increasing exponentially and that is threatening to our ecosystems.

Multiple studies have found that climate change has already led to an increase in wildfire season length, occurrence and area covered. In fact, California’s annual burned area has increased fivefold since 1972. Our signs help you warn people of existing fires. Offered in several material choices, they’re easy to install at various locations.