Government No Trespassing Signs

These traditional signs are for use by government agencies to prohibit trespassing in restricted areas. These durable rigid aluminum signs are 3-color printed on engineer grade reflective with a UV protective lamination.

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    • .060 x 15” x 12”
    • aluminum
    • engineer grade reflective
    • UV lamination
    • 4 holes
    • 4 radius corners

    Part Numbers:
    U.S. Property, no trespassing sign – USNTS

    Each government no trespassing sign is critical to convey the importance of safety and security. They’re used for specific purposes to help protect property, buildings and people. Visible and durable, they serve as a useful deterrent in part so unauthorized people can avoid hazards in restricted areas. Agencies often use them to comply with regulations and other requirements related to giving proper notice.