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Since 1950, we have manufactured all types of Trail Signs to cater to your communication needs. From Trail Markers, Distance Markers, Mile Markers, Trailhead Maps & Kiosks, Reflective High-visibility Signs, Poster Shelters & Message Boards, make Nutron OSM your source for Trail Sign applications. And rest assured that your purchase supports a family owned small business and is 100% American Made!

Increase the Visibility of Your Signs
Nutron OSM manufactures reflective Trail Markers using high-quality, engineering grade reflective materials. Along with color coding, these Trail Signs provide extended visibility and identification for walking, hiking, cycling, skiing, bridle and motorized vehicle trails.

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Getting lost is upsetting for adventurers and can lead costly rescues. That’s why trail markers are so important to hikers, bikers, and other outdoor explorers. In fact, The National Trails System Act of 1968 requires national agencies and private stewards to clearly mark trails for safety’s sake. Map signage at a trailhead can prepare users for myriad trails, their distances and associated sites that visitors – new and experienced – will encounter. Markers along the way lets outdoor enthusiasts know where they are, what to expect ahead and where the trail ends. They can learn about shelters and restrooms, know where dangers exist, be aware of restrictions about horses/vehicles/ATVs, and stay within boundaries. Adequate and accurate markers are key to keeping trails and park visitors as safe as possible.

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