Hiking Trail Markers

Indispensable to seasoned trekkers and novice sightseers alike, strategically placed Trailite Markers keep hikers happy and moving in the right direction at every outdoor venue from the smallest wooded glen to the biggest national park. Helpful hiking Trailite Markers by Nutron OSM ensure visitors can explore confidently and safely without fear of getting lost.  

Nutron’s popular, brightly colored Trailite Markers are ideal for permanent trail marking. The aluminum tags are embossed with unique logos on a colored background, then precision die cut with two mounting holes. In addition to directional arrows and the iconic hiker icon, the 3.125-inch markers can feature cyclist, bridle, forest, or skier images. Available in blue, red, green, yellow, orange, white, or black, the markers are big enough to find through the foliage but small enough not to detract from the natural beauty of a site.  

Typically affixed to prominent trees or stakes along a trail, at crossways, and at special areas like bridle trails or ski slopes, hiking trail markers offer the public clarity regarding their current position in rugged and potentially dangerous outdoor areas. Whether a trail leads to a local summit, feeds a larger network, or just circles around, the use of hiking trail markers can provide clear-cut guidance. Other trail identifying methods like paint, flags tied around trees, or marks carved into them can all have drawbacks, especially for the inexperienced hiker who might not know how to interpret these signs.  

Nutron’s Trailite Markers offer unmistakable guidance, and the variety of available colors enables rangers to highlight different trails within a network. Nutron hiking trail markers can help make sure everyone has a great outdoor experience and no one gets lost!  

As a high-volume manufacturer of outdoor signs and markers, Nutron OSM is the primary choice for designers and installers looking for way-finding, directional or informational products. We can also produce custom markers and signs to your specific requirements. Contact us to learn more.  

The aluminum tags are precision die cut with two mounting holes.