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Government No Trespassing Signs

Keeping military installations and other government properties safe and secure is a critical objective of those agencies. The best way to notify the public that land features restricted access or is off-limits is through the liberal use of special government no-trespassing signs by Nutron Outdoor Signs and Markers (OSM).

Specially designed for US government agencies

These striking three-color signs are specially designed for use by government agencies to indicate that certain tracts of land, buildings, or other facilities are not accessible to the general public, including potential dangers and security concerns. Strategically placed on border fences, trees, or posts, these highly visible signs make it clear to one and all that the land beyond is off-limits. 

Printed on rigid aluminum backings, our signs are extremely durable and can handle even the most intense indoor or outdoor conditions. Our signs provide long-lasting protection against rain, sleet, ice, and snow. Made in the United States, all signs feature engineering-grade reflective surfaces with ultraviolet protective lamination to prevent fading. 

Keep trespassers off government land 

Nutron OSM’s government no trespassing signs add to staff safety and security by helping to minimize unknown individuals in restricted areas. Each sign features pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation and measures .060 by 15×12 inches. All of our materials surpass industry standards and are designed to provide years of durability. 

Each government no trespassing sign conveys the importance of safety and security in bold, unmistakable language. In doing so they help protect property, buildings, and people. Visible and durable, they serve as a useful deterrent that alerts unauthorized people to avoid restricted areas. Agencies often use them to comply with regulations and other requirements related to giving proper notice. 

Contact us to learn more about the government no trespassing signs by Nutron OSM.  

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Celebrating 78 years of Smokey Bear

The iconic bear has an interesting story that not everyone knows. The character we have come to know and love started out a poster ad campaign in 1944 by the Cooperative Forest Fire Prevention program. The first poster (below) was published on October 10 with Smokey extinguishing a fire with a bucket of water.

Smokey would star in many more posters and advertisements in the coming years to educate the American people of how to prevent forest fires. Soon the saying “Only you can prevent wildfires” would be a well known message known throughout the country. Who knew it would be still going strong 78 years later?

1944 – Smokey Bear’s first poster.
1946 – Smokey poster.

In 1950 a cub that was caught and badly injured in a wildfire in New Mexico would take over the already established character of Smokey Bear. Stealing the hears of the American people Smokey soon would be such a big star he would have his own zip code for all the mail and gifts he received.

This little cub helped seal the deal for the Smokey Bear character to becoming what he is today… a world-wide known icon for helping prevent wildfires and preserving wildlife and our land in this beautiful country.

Smokey Bear admiring his poster.
Smokey was a hungry growing cub.
Smokey at his home at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.