Boundary Markers: What You Need to Know

By establishing unmistakable boundary lines, property owners and investors can be assured their land or other property is clearly defined for all to see. Boundary markers are useful on large parcels of land where physical structures like fences or walls aren’t feasible. Clearly established property borders help avoid disputes and trespassing issues with neighbors and can also make development assessments easier.   

Superior to Homemade Signs

Surveyed boundary markers are recognized legally in the United States, and a professionally done boundary marker are often more durable and legible than a homemade or hastily printed warning does. It can lay out whose property it is, what is forbidden, and even whom to contact to learn more about the boundary.  

Boundary markers by Nutron OSM provide crystal clear messaging with a personalized touch. These tough and rigid markers are ideal for attaching to posts. They’re screen-printed on enameled aluminum and then oven-baked for long-term outdoor durability. 

Multiple Sizes and Aluminum Grades Available 

Nutron OSM offers regular and heavy duty boundary markers. Our standard property markers are made with .025 aluminum, in either white or yellow, and available in three sizes. While our heavy duty markers are manufactured using .063 white enameled aluminum in either small or large sizes. They feature two center holes that line up with channels or signpost attachment points and can be installed without bending. Just send your sketch or logo to us and our art department will develop and produce your boundary marker to your exact specifications.  

Nutron OSM boundary markers have been used to clearly indicate parks, land tracts, managed tree farm boundaries, timberlands, other private property, and wetlands. They are excellent for not only laying out the boundaries of protected areas but can also be used to list prohibited activities like hunting, biking, camping, dumping, horseback riding, motor vehicle use, or campfire building. Likewise, you can use them to indicate permitted activities such as hiking, birdwatching, or snowshoeing.

Trust Nutron

When you need effective boundary markers, look to Nutron for the most durable, eye-catching, and effective signage in the business.